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With over 40 years of combined culinary experience, our chefs and crew are the best there is. 

About Sustainable Sushi

A passion project that began in 2013 between a couple of friends looking for healthy food at a music festival.  After going going to festivals and wishing there was a better option than the typical fried food commonly found, we combined our catering experience with our passion for sustainable seafood and created Sustainable Sushi as an alternative for festival goers looking for quick, healthy & delicious food.

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Responsible fishing practices are the only way we can continue to enjoy fish for generations to come.   Our fish is source through strategic partnerships with leading experts at companies like Seafood Watch and CleanFish.  


Our dedication to bringing sustainable seafood to remote locations is a combined desire to be different and educate people about sustainability and our ocean ecosystems.  

Sustainable Sushi

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